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We offer complete range of Air Cooler, Evaporative Air Coolers, Industrial Air Coolers, Commercial Air coolers, Desert cooler and outdoor coolers. We are Outdoor air coolers supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Oman, Doha & UAE. Coolers are available to cover area from 700 Sq. Ft. to 4000 Sq. Ft. These coolers are commonly use in public places like airport, bus station, shopping mall, showroom, warehouse, Outdoor tea/coffee house, school, super market, canteen, hospital & inside Tents. It also use in hot industries, poultry farm, horse farm, Textile & refinery and underground parking.


Evaporative air coolers are low cost cooling method which now a day’s commonly use in heated areas like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Doha and other Middle Eastern Countries. Evaporative cooler provides excellent cooling at minimal power consumption by using normal tap water as working fluid. One of the most useful advantages of evaporative cooler or desert coolers is that it doesn’t increase global warming as that of air conditioner which use compressor and different refrigerant gases as cooling fluid. Evaporative coolers or outdoor air cooler are available in different sizes depending on its applications. Industrial air cooler are of mainly Portable type Industrial air cooler or ducted type evaporative cooler.

How Evaporative desert air cooler works?


Evaporative type air cooler or industrial air cooler mainly consists of energy efficient motor to rotate fan and water pump. It also consists of cooling pad. Size of cooling pad, fan, motor and cooler depends on quantity of cool air required per hour from cooler. Its working principle is actually a natural physical phenomenon, i.e.  “While water evaporates, a large amount of heat is absorbed”; Water pump pumps water on cooling pad and make it wet and at same time fan extracts air through pad and through on other side. When the moving air passes the cooling pad, the water of water film will absorb the heat of air to evaporate, which will remove plenty of thermal energy and cause the temperature of air that passes through the cooling pad to drop, and purify the dirt and particle brought by air. The fresh air under the high efficient circulation will prevent diseases and pandemic diseases from being infected and create healthy and comfortable environment.  In New technology evaporative cooler or desert cooler are coming with great feature. New cooler are coming with control panel from which you can adjust fan speed, set timer, get alarm if water tank is empty etc.


Advantages of Evaporative outdoor air cooler.


Advantages of Evaporative cooling are that Evaporation is a highly efficient natural heat exchange process because there is no third element in the exchanger. As the air is in direct contact with the refrigerant, in this case water, the heat is transferred extremely efficiently.  In compressor systems, the exchangers involve a third element – the metal coil in the "evaporator", which interferes with the efficiency of the heat transfer. With compressor systems there are two heat exchangers, the evaporator and the condenser, so there is a double negative effect.  The only power-consuming components of a direct evaporative cooler are the fan and small water pump. The energy savings of EAC systems vary with humidity levels and temperatures, however, typically in the Dubai; EAC systems will yield 50 to 70 percent energy savings compared to conventional air conditioning.

Evaporative air conditioning uses between 25 and 70% less energy than air conditioning, brings in 100% outside air and utilizes water for cooling instead of HCFC's. In addition maintenance is minimal requiring just an annual pad clean, or change, compared to air-conditioning which requires a bi-annual filter change. Last but not least, there are no HCFC pollutant emissions from evaporative air conditioning and water consumption is moderate. That all adds up to very responsible environment and energy saving behavior. Conventional air-conditioning impacts significantly on a building’s operating costs as it uses in excess of 25% of the building's energy consumption. It therefore makes sense to create a pleasant environment for workers to maximize productivity whilst at the same time minimizing energy costs. Evaporative cooling enhances the well being of individuals in areas where ambient temperatures are high, providing comfort cooling in buildings such as schools, libraries and offices. It is also the best, and often the only solution for commercial and industrial applications such as greenhouses, laundries, warehouses, factories and commercial kitchens.

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